Please fasten your seatbelts and enable sound, Podge Airways is preparing for take-off

Disclaimer: In the event of an evacuation a prize will be awarded for the best emergency slide performance

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Welcome to

Ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts. Podge Airways Flight SP906 to Manchester is ready for departure.

Prepare for Take-Off...

Welcome aboard Podge Airways Flight SP906 to Manchester. Our flight time to Stodge Podge will be approximately four hours. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Destination Stodge

With stylish surroundings and expansive views over Manchester, Manchester Hall is the premier luxury destination for your creative getaway.

Drinks reception, 3 course meal with unlimited wine. Evening bar with healthy tab to keep us going until the fish and chips arrive.

Invitation only.

Date & Time

Thursday 9th June 2022

12.30pm Drinks reception
1.15pm - 4.30pm Long lunch
4.30pm - late Drinks and light bites in the bar


Roof Terrace,
Manchester Hall,
36 Bridge St,
M3 3BT

Cabin Crew

Your Inflight Meal

Once we reach cruising altitude, our flight attendants will serve hot dinner and beverages in the cabin.

  • Posh Tea & Coffee

    Builders brews only

  • Expensive Pints

    Nobody should be paying a fiver for a pint.

  • Greggs Pasties

    Sausage rolls are top tier.

  • Proper Gravy

    Watery gravy just won’t do.

Wish You Were Here…

First Class Lounge

No riff raff here. Please raise a glass to our incredible supporters